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更新日 2017-01-11 | 作成日 2008-01-03

NEW Equotional Mount SHOWA 20EL

Nice design & tracking performance.


SHOWA 20EL mount

SHOWA 20EL features a German equatorial mount with extention tube on axial direction that provide continuous tracking exceeded the meridian.

USB interface was launced.

ATLAS.jpg20EL mount was controlled with some PC software and ATLAS-BASIC(SHOWA KIKAI Corp) .on USB interface.

Small RC was desired.

写真 (1).jpgGS200RC is small and nice RC type telescope.It has ultra long back-focus, can be connect PIXYS3, DF-2, ASTRODON MOAG ST and CFW10 with ST10XME. We can control this device from warm living room even in winter